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Observed: 24th April 2011 By: DavidHowdon
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So this is why fishermen keep breaking the fence to go fishing in this nature reserve pond.
The lack of a polarising filter on the camera really shows up in these.
My ignorance of fish identification is almost total.

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So what are the features that make it a carp? (Might as well try to learn something).

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Large size, partly, as most freshwater fish are significantly smaller; especially width-wise, across the 'shoulders'. More precisely, the mouth has thick lips with four barbels (two obvious at the mouth corner). The dorsal fin is long and the tail fin large and broadly rounded, top and bottom. The body is fully and evenly scaled in a Common carp, like this one. The colour is a bronzey tone on the flanks, darker on the back, which often looks blue-grey from above.

In sunny weather, they come to the surface and pick food from the surface layer, otherwise they are bottom feeders.


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Always useful to find out more about a group of animals I know little about.