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Bug -1st May Epping Forest

Observed: 1st May 2011 By: Louise GarnerLouise Garner’s reputation in Invertebrates
Bug -1st May Epping Forest
Bug -1st May Epping Forest 1

About 10-12mm long (photo is on the thumb of my 4 year old daughter), large mandibles, back seems encrusted with black lattice over the top of a sandy brown underside - not a flat pattern. last part of abdomen sandy brown - searched beetle books to no avail!

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Platyrhinus resinosus

Thanks for those IDs - that's great - Turns out to be the first sighting in Epping Forest and one of only a very few in Essex - Epping Forest staff very happy and my daughter gets an entry on NBN database! She is delighted! Since then she has found several other interesting beetles, including a Wasp Beetle, various unusual shield bugs and a scarce cardinal beetle... and we are off the NHM tomorrow for her first visit...

Thanks all! I think you have a coleopterist in the making!

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I think that is fantastic and a very good interest.There are so many insect's out there just waiting to be recorded,look forward to more posting's of bugs that she find's.