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Frogs or toads?

Observed: 15th April 2011 By: jonmortin
Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre
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I initially assumed these were toads because of the calls they were making. However,they don't look particularly toad like. Photos not very good as my camera was at maximum zoom. The pond is only a few metres from the sea but is freshwater, fed by the Rio Torrox.

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Certainly a frog -

and not a toad (lacking the parotid swellings over the eyes). But not knowing which species they have in the area, I can't suggest a species.

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Rana temporaria (our "Common

Rana temporaria (our "Common Frog") is not common in Spain. In fact it is almost completely absent from central and southern Spain.

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I agree with Jon Martin. The

I agree with Jon Martin. The common frog is not found in southern Spain at all. This is an Iberian water frog recently reclassified as Pelophylax perezi

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It certainly ...

... isn’t R. temporaria, it lacks any markings and in particular the diagnostic black patch behind the eye.


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Iberian frog

I know I've had this discussion before, but this frog is a good example of how confusing common names can be - in Spain its vernacular name translates as common frog, the IUCN have it down as Perez's Frog and here you have used Iberian water frog and Iberian green frog and I've known them as Iberian marsh frogs a sub-species of Rana ridibunda (but that is because I have a very old copy of Arnold, Burton & Ovenden I suspect).

OK it could be argued the scientific name has changed, R. perezi to P. perezi but at least you have a good chance of guessing they are the same animal, the only commonality in the five vernacular names is they are all frogs!

Graham Banwell

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