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Micro fungus on Geranium pratense

Observed: 30th April 2011 By: RHomanRHoman’s reputation in Fungi and LichensRHoman’s reputation in Fungi and LichensRHoman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Discoloured upperside of G pratense leaf with yellowish blotches which are mirrored on the underside by patches of white.


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Thought it was mildew at first,I think it is this dry weather stressing the plants and making them more susceptible to diseases.


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This looks more...........

This looks more like leaf miner damage to me.


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Leaf miner

It would make life easier if it was a leaf miner as there are very few species involved with Geraniums. However, there is no evidence of internal feeding and the changes to the leaf are all external.

Robert Homan

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Don't think that

I really don't think it is leaf miner for the exact reason's you have just stated,it is either viral or fungal,but sadly I do not know which.