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Herring Gull ?

Observed: 1st May 2011 By: PhotographyGalPhotographyGal’s reputation in BirdsPhotographyGal’s reputation in BirdsPhotographyGal’s reputation in Birds
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I've added another picture

I've added another picture for more ID help.


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Devil's advocate

Why not an 'argentatus' Herring Gull, or a yellow-legged Gull...both of which can have yellow legs?

The back does not seem very dark, even compared to a graellsii Lesser Black-Backed.

And Chew does attract different gulls...

PS: I think you are probably right!


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But do these have the red

But do these have the red eyering?



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Don't ask me!

Sorry...colour-blind to such things!

However, being serious, I would say that yes, they certainly often do, as far as I understand. Less so in 'argentatus' Herring Gull, though.


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Eyering colour.

Although he may not be able to see it Ophrys is correct about the colour of the eyering. Yellow-legged Gulls typically have red, or orange-red, eyerings, and yellow-legged individuals of the argentatus race of Herring Gull may have a deeper eye ring colour than the yellow to yellow-orange that is typical of Herring Gull.

I don't thing that it is possible to identify this bird with any degree of certainty from the photo - and to me the lack of any obvious dark band visible on the underside of the secondaries seems to point away from Lesser-black Backed Gull.