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Observed: 12th March 2011 By: sophie.cook
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IF this is Ulva linza, by any name, then AlanS should get agreements. However it may be impossible to tell from a single picture like this. Easy for me to write but Alan is an expert in this field - I am as close to a novice as it's possible to be with actually being one (my own opinion)!
ULVA LINZA - "Thalus variable in shape, from unbranched distromatic ribbons 1-8 cm wide and up to 30 cm long, characteristically ruffled or corkscrew-like, with hollow margins, tapering gradually or sharply to distinct hollow stipe, which may have marginal proliferations (linza morphology), to compressed branched tubes 0.5 - 10 mm wide (procera morphology), pale green in colour and....." etc. is from Green Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland

Bearing in mind the precision of this description (which progresses for four more paragraphs) I have also offered a less adventurous ID.
This is an old post but may resurface soon as an Other Observation because I am chasing some of the Ulvares - see