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Willow Warbler

Observed: 29th April 2011 By: mbf45mbf45’s reputation in Birdsmbf45’s reputation in Birdsmbf45’s reputation in Birds
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This bird looked like a warbler and was seen in a patch of willow before flying onto an overhead cable. Could be a willow warbler?

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I agree.

However, its presence in a patch of Willow is about as relevant to an ID as the fact that Marsh Tits are found in dry woods, and Black-headed Gulls have a brown head...etc!!


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I quite agree

Sorry - I know, just my sense of humour rather than a serious observation. As you say the habitat can often be a misleading characteristic.

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A friend of mine used to cite -

what he claimed was an infallible guide to the warblers:
"If it's in reeds, it isn't a reed warbler.
If it's in the willows, it isn't a willow warbler"
- and so on.

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Habitat problems

Last year I saw a water shrew. It looked like one but it was in a dune habitat and not near any water. As a reuslt I called it a common shrew but was of course wrong. Names can be misleading at times.