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Sex or lunch?

Observed: 1st May 2011 By: geoffEinongeoffEinon’s reputation in InvertebratesgeoffEinon’s reputation in InvertebratesgeoffEinon’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Seen on Hawthorn flower. I cannot identify either insect - nor do I know whether this is mating or predation

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Robber Fly

I think it's a Robber Fly eating Hawthorn Fly.


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The eater is Empis

The eater is Empis tessellata, I think, which on size makes the victim Bibio marci. These (and other Empidids) are often seen mating while the female is well into dinner. I have not discovered if the male arrives while she is distracted, or whether there is a bit of courtship feeding, but it is a very common thing to see.



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Predator fly

Looks to me like Empis tessellata

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Ta V M

Many thanks for such expert information