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Abundant 'fluffy' grey lichen on oak

Observed: 10th March 2011 By: cinquefoil
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Found on old penduculate oak. Possibly of the genera Evernia?


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A mixture

Quite a mixture of things here. Evernia prunastri is indeed present, a single thallus towards the top right. The main bushy (fruticose) speces is an Usnea (not identifiable to species without attention to several critical characters), and also there are thalli of Ramalina farinacea. More flattened against the branch is a grey, foliose species, quite possibly Parmotrema perlatum but too hidden from view for a firm ID.


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didn't see your comment

Hi Alan, I didn't see that you had already replied to this! Interesting to read your more in depth observations on the Ramalina.