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Red-and-Black Froghopper

for the taxonomically-challenged (i.e. me).

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Haha, yes thanks i did have to google it to find the common name, i find it hard to even remember froghopper no matter trying to remember the latin name..... and attempting to pronounce it is always a challenge! :)

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Thank's RogerR,I did do the English name get recommended and it gave me no suggestion and there were none in my book so have written it down for future ID,I do understand how annoying it is.


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Arthropod common names -

- once you move away from the Lepidoptera - are much less common, and more debatable, than vertebrate animal and wildflower ones.
I rely heavily on common names, as although I did learn quite a few systematic ones (I was taken to task for using the word Latin, as many are Greek), lots of them have changed in the intervening decades, as taxonomists continually hone their view of the natural world.
I hadn't realised, until recently, that this particular froghopper, which seems very common, isn't one of those whose larvae produces the "cuckoo spit" I always associate with the group.