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Cladonia diversa

Observed: 10th December 2009 By: lpearcelpearce’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenslpearce’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenslpearce’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Growing through moss on a large rock


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It looks like a specimen early(ish) in the apothecial state (i.e. some large red fruits but others still to develop). C.diversa was once in the C.coccifera group but has been separated out taxonomically - diversa is widespread while coccifera itself is rare (Scottish Highlands only, though I note the location!).

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At least two species here

The left hand photograph is a mixture of two red-fruited species. On the left is C. polydactyla.

On the right (of the left-hand photograph) is a Cladonia with regular cups that might well be C. diversa (especially if the camera is one of those many that don't record Cladonia colours accurately). However it does look very grey and I don't see the flattened, corticate granules that characterise C. diversa. Chemical tests are needed, but from the photograph and habitat I cannot rule out C. borealis.

The right-hand photograph looks wet and battered, no comment.