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Red Admiral

Observed: 15th November 2009 By: TuiskuTuisku’s reputation in InvertebratesTuisku’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Butterfly with orange, brown, black and white markings.

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Red Admiral

I notice you saw this Red Admiral on 15th November, which I guess would normally be a fairly late sighting. But then I saw a saw one yesterday (10th December) at the Red River Nature Reserve in Cornwall (unfortunately it caught me by surprise and I had no chance to photograph it). Does anyone know if such late sightings are becoming more common?


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In recent years Red Admirals have managed to overwinter in Britain (presumably because we have had warmer winters) so late sightings are certainly becoming more frequent.

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Late Red Admirals

I've certainly seen a few November Red Admirals. A colleague saw one flying around in their Tube carriage! Maybe they are a bit hardier than some other butterflies?


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Red Admiral Survey,recording & Info

Survey work by Butterfly Conservation has shown that in the mid 1990s, red admirals were arriving 40 days earlier than they were in the 1970. There has also been an increase in sightings during the winter. This change in behaviour is probably due to climate change, as the warmer winters mean that red admirals can survive. Devon BRC would like to know when you first saw a red admiral this year (taken from

Look at distribution maps at NBN and find out more at butterfly conservation:

Tuisku you can record you sighting of this red admiral, in Bristol at: