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Crane Fly

Observed: 20th July 2009 By: pjt347pjt347’s reputation in Invertebratespjt347’s reputation in Invertebratespjt347’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Crane Fly

This is Tipula maxima. You can see the club-shaped halteres, "balancers", which are modified hind wings.

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Thanks for making this ID.

Thanks for making this ID. Have you tried the 'Add a revision' button in the ID box? That's really the place to add a name because it then gets checked against the species dictionary and has links to Encylopedia of Life and maps added. It also enables others to show their agreement.

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No, I am just a learner in my late 70s.

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Hi Exobasidium - we're all learners when it comes to all this diversity of species! I'm happy to add Tipula maxima as an identification if you don't want to, but it would be good to acknowledge it as your suggestion. As Jonathan says, all you need to do is click where it say "Add a revision", above, and then fill in the species name. Thanks for the identification anyway!

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Well I'll put it in then; and

Well I'll put it in then; and add that it is a male - blunt tip to the abdomen instead of a pointed ovipositor.