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Banded Demoiselle

Observed: 22nd August 2010 By: PoppyPoppy’s reputation in InvertebratesPoppy’s reputation in InvertebratesPoppy’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Banded Demoiselle

Usually the band is much more distinctive than in this photo and also wing colour is usually dark blue. However wing colour can be variable. This is probably an immature male

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Or reflected light is affecting the image.

It is true that the band on the wings can be less distinct on immature males (and may look less well defined at the edges, perhaps even inviting confusion with Beautiful Demoiselle), but in this case I suspect that reflected light is making the colours look pale.

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I was wondering about the

I was wondering about the band not being particularly dark. Thank you for this information - I didn't know that the wings become darker, or indeed that they change colour at all! Really interesting.