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Injured huthatch

Observed: 10th December 2009 By: gwj54
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Is there a story behind this

Is there a story behind this one? What happened to it?

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Found lying still on lawn. Allowed itself to be picked up. Put in a box with straw and nuts. Had flown next morning. Can only think was stunned


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Someone called me at work the

Someone called me at work the other day about a nuthatch that had flown into a windscreen. Was surprised that it would have been flying low across a road.


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Somewhat ironically, after

Somewhat ironically, after asking for the 'story behind this bird' (see the first comment in this thread), my wife and I found a dead male nuthatch when out for a walk in the heavy snow on the Saturday before Christmas. Perhaps they are just having tough time in this bad weather?