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Escaped parrot

Observed: 28th April 2011 By: pg333pg333’s reputation in Birdspg333’s reputation in Birds

Seen flying over mountain rocks and grasslands of south-eastern Spain.

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Thanks for the suggestion and

Thanks for the suggestion and info - I think I'm inclined to agree - I did browse extensively through a list of Spanish birds and none seem anywhere near as "exotic" looking as this! I did also briefly spot a "lost parrot" sign in Spanish a few dozen kms down the road from where it was spotted, so who knows, it might have been that...

What's even more bizarre is within about a mile of sighting the above bird, I also spotted another bird a few days earlier whilst driving which was large, white and had pink edged wings, which I can only imagine must have been a flamingo? What a strange place this is! Some lovely bee-eaters around too.

Thanks again.

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