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Unknown bird on rocky shoreline

Observed: 7th December 2009 By: Joe McCavana
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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unknown bird on rocky shoreline

Thanks for the ID. As a novice I had difficulty finding an ID on the web.

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Be careful not to confuse with Ruff - a bird that looks very similar.

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Similar, except in summer! Which is one of the tricky things about bird ID, birds will often look very different at different stages throughout the year... guides as a way of ID often fail to fully overcome this when you first start birding.


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Nothing has the brightly coloured red legs of a redshank, so these are always easy to identify correctly - if you think to look at the legs! The clue's in the name, RED-shank.

Bob Ford

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red legs

Very true! Unfortunately being a wader they do tend to do a lot of wading and hiding their legs! ;)

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Redshank in Larne area

There are nearly always redshank about on the shore and up in the Lough, but ruff would be a much less common occurence.

The redshank will show a bright white rump when they fly off, which ruff don't. The call helps as well - a squeaky sort of piping, about 3 notes or so.

You can get reasonable views of the common shore birds up by the Chaine Tower.