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bird ringing

Hi,Sorry to report a dead bird but I thought the information might be helpful. Yesterday I found a dunnock, dead on the path at the front of my house, no apparent cause of death only a slight trickle of blood from one eye. Birds do fly into windows here despite stickers to help clarify the prescence of glass! On closer examination I found the bird was ringed with a tiny[obviously!] silver ring. My daughter was able to read the minute information which was on the ring. We found a web site which will take such readings and report the info to the authority responsible for the ringing. It is- recoveries@bto.org I will get a reply eventually giving more information about the late dunnock[apologies to Mma Ramotswe of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency]. I thought it would help any one else who finds a ringed bird to know of the web site.



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Ringed birds

Thanks for the information and setting up this forum, and welcome to iSpot.

From my experience the BTO usually resond within a week with the date, age and place the bird was rung. It's always sad to find a dead bird but the information from the ring can be very valuable in helping us understand how different species move around.

It would be interesting to know what the BTO say. Perhaps anyone else who finda a ringed bird could use this forum to inform us of its details.

Graham Banwell

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