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Young Grey Squirrel

Observed: 28th April 2011 By: terrycrynantterrycrynant’s reputation in Mammals
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This young squirrel was following its mother when it took a leap which was too big for it.It landed in the very fine twigs at the end of a branch and then slowly over about three minutes fell out of the tree via three other branches.It did not run back up a tree but wandered about in the undergrowth until it saw me and my dog and then it came over to have a closer look.It climbed a tree stump and came within two foot of me,I put my hand within four inches of it.

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Tame squirrel

It clearly has not yet learnt that humans, and especially dogs, can be a danger. It's always such a thrill to get close to wild animals, more so when they come to you.

Graham Banwell

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