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Badger poo

Observed: 8th December 2009 By: Rob ColemanRob Coleman’s reputation in MammalsRob Coleman’s reputation in MammalsRob Coleman’s reputation in Mammals

Found these badger latrines in the woods

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Definately badger, as you say Rob, badgers aren that the only wild animal in Britai digs a latrine. Ferral cats, but intersestingly not wild cat or domestic cat, will dig a latrine then cover it up.

I've been trying to work out what it had been eating. There is definately small mammal bones, probably young rabbit; beetle remains; nuts and vegetation.

Nice photos.

Graham Banwell

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Looks like it ate a door key

Looks like it ate a door key too! ;-)

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Domestic cats

Domestic cats don't dig latrines? Since when? How many times over the years have I discovered a present in the garden while working some soft ground (usually a seed-bed)? Innumerable times, all of them left by a very unferal moggy. I have watched them perform the operation very many times over the years.

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three times the damage,

Our old cat used to dig a small hole creating a small corresponding heap of spoil, and than stand all four feet in the hole to defecate in a third location. That really mucks up your seedbeds.