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Tan Coloured Fungus

Observed: 1st December 2009 By: Bredon
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Cluster of tan coloured mushrooms in grass at base of wooden fence


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Tan-coloured Fungus

They look more like waxcaps Hygrocybe species.

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Sulphur tufts grow on dead

Sulphur tufts grow on dead wood, so they are unlikely to be these.

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I think these are.....

I think these are immature emerging glistening inkcaps (Coprinus micaceus). They do seem to have that high domed appearance and orange colour that this species has when it's young. But it's difficult to tell from this photo. We need an underside shot please! See my post of C.micaceus from a few days ago to compare.


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Young inkcaps

Hmmm... you may well be right - did look like waxcaps (and still do to me), but now you mention C. micaceus...

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Changed the ID before seeing

Changed the ID before seeing Chris's comment above honest! If you zoom right in you can see its definitely a Coprinus and probably C. micaceus. Probably growing on woody debris.