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Common cockchafer

Observed: 28th April 2011 By: EdJannoo
Common cockchafer

This was observed on my balcony - rural location surrounded by arable farmland. It was on its back so I flipped it over and as it was in no hurry to leave I got my camera out and took some photos.

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We had one too

in our bedroom the other night. It spent a couple of hours crashing into things, its flight sounding like a small motorbike. Quite a big beetle to get off the ground I suppose!

Sue Hendrie

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Thanks for the identification. It's still sat there, wandering around a little but not much. I look forward to hearing it fly away later!

Have edited the observation to add the name :)

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I had no idea what is was it's been sitting on the steps up to my house for three days now. I don't know whether or not to shoo it away but looking at the pics of it in flight i'm stupidly scared to touch it.

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It's quite harmless -

although the larvae feed on plant roots. It's one of those that spends years as a larva before emerging for a relatively short adult life.