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Viola canina Bembow 045

Observed: 27th April 2011 By: Tim RichPlants expert
Viola canina Bembow 045
Viola canina Bembow 045 1
Viola canina Bembow 045 1 2

Often a more slatey blue, very yellow spur, dark lanceolate leaves and note forward pointing stipule teeth.

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Thank you

That does look quite different to all the others I've seen - the leaves especially. (But I can't figure out the forward-pointing stipule teeth bit - is it visible in the pictures?)

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stipules are visible - but

stipules are visible - but better on the original where I can blow it up large - doesn't show so well here. At the base of the big leaf where it joins the stem the stiplue sticks up at an angle of about 5 past the hour - the teeth are just visible

Tim Rich

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I've found them now by clicking on the picture to enlarge it. Very helpful, thanks.