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Old Herefordshire Hedgerow trees and shrubs

Observed: 9th July 2009 By: bill riley
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Dogwood 1
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Cornus sanguinea ssp. sanguinea

Woof, woof. There is another subspecies, ssp. australis, which although rather rare is worth watching out for. It is immediately recognised by its very large (10x6cm) leaves. Never seen it, but perhaps one day....

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland

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ssp. australis

AKA 'Southern Dogwood' from around the Black Sea area I think, though I've never seen it either and don't know its UK distribution.

Plant trivia: 'dag' and hence 'daggerwood' & 'doggerwood' is an old word meaning 'meat skewer' and skewers, along with other thin wooden items, used to be made from dogwood, hence the common name.