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Observed: 2nd April 2011 By: FerenginarFerenginar’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesFerenginar’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
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The first picture -

is the classic female colouration, She looks to be in excellent condition and may be pregnant this year (they need a year or two of feeding up to breed). The sex of the second animal is less clear: the dark zig-zag suggests male.

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Have not seen any this year

Is this a good bet for a view?

Hazel Trevan

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I think they are both females, seem very brown.

Graham Banwell

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The second picture is tricky

The second picture is tricky to tell. Colour can be a bit misleading depending on if the snake is due to shed it's skin soon. The zigzag on the second is very dark so that would suggest a male to me, also the edges of the rostral scale are very dark which suggest a male. Compare that to the very pale colour on the female in the first picture. Difficult to say without seeing the tail.