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Unknown Bird - Please identify

Observed: 22nd April 2011 By: denver01
Unknown Bird - Please identify
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Bigger than a black bird.

Bigger than a black bird. Would like to know what it is. Anyone help please?

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In fact it chased a couple of

In fact it chased a couple of blackbirds away!

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More id features

Did it fly away high and far (Ring ouzel), rather than for the nearest bush (Blackbird)?

Was its alarm call a "chack" rather than the familar repetitive Blackbird comotion?

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A female Blackbird.

Although this bird may have appeared bigger than the Blackbirds that it was chasing (perhaps it is a large individual?), it is a female Blackbird. Female Blackbirds can be quite variable in colour, and some can be quite pale below. Ring Ouzels have a more restricted, and better defined pale crescent on the breast, and also have noticeable pale edges to the wing feathers - this is not a Ring Ouzel!