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Aptenia cordifolia

Observed: 7th September 2009 By: PerdikaPerdika’s reputation in PlantsPerdika’s reputation in PlantsPerdika’s reputation in PlantsPerdika’s reputation in Plants
Aptenia cordifolia 09-09-07
Aptenia cordifolia 09-09-07 1

This is posted for comparison with The first two photos are rather bleached by the strong sunlight, but the little pink flower is really a very vivid colour. The third photo shows how big it can grow when given scope. Related to Carpobrotus edulis.

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Aptenia cultivar

The leaves do not have the heart shape of pure A. cordifolia. The most common Aptenia plant in cultivation in many parts of the world is sold as Aptenia 'Red Apple' and as the name hints, it has bright red flowers. Red Apple is believed to be an undocumented horticultural cross between A. cordifolia and probably A. haeckeliana. I doubt if anyone has checked DNA for parentage.