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Bird's eye primrose

Observed: 23rd April 2011 By: Helen_talbotHelen_talbot’s reputation in PlantsHelen_talbot’s reputation in Plants
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Primula farinosa!

Have grown this as an alpine,but never seen it in the wild. Lovely!

David J Trevan

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Primula farinosa

Hi David

Upper Teesdale is a marvellous place for botanists especially when the bird's-eye primrose and spring gentians are in flower. I'll be up there in a couple of weeks - can't wait. Never quite sure what rarity you will come across!!

Happy plant hunting!
Dave Ashurst


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Yes, if you can get yourself

Yes, if you can get yourself to Upper Teesdale in Spring, it's a wonderful place. We did about 9 miles along the Penine Way and saw a very rich variety of wild flowers and birds.