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Awful pictures of a Daubenton's bat

Observed: 16th April 2011 By: Rob18Rob18’s reputation in Mammals
daubenton's bat
daubenton's bat 1
daubenton's bat 1 2

these were flying just above water on a river which made us think (with the aid of a bat detector) that they are daubenton's bats.

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Bat photos.

I would be delighted to catch pictures this good of a flying bat!

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yes, there wasnt a technique to it, i just focused on the water and waited until one flew past and took it as quick as possible :) took a long time to get anything though!

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Daubenton's bat

Just the behaviour of flying low over water is a good indicator of this being a Daubenton's bat. These are good photos, it is extremely difficult to photograph bats on the move and not get a really bad blur.

Graham Banwell

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