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Funeral Bell (Galerina marginata)

Observed: 5th December 2009 By: Blewit Boy
Cardiff Naturalists' Society
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growing on dead wood in a ditch in coniferous woodland. Bottom right picture is miked's photo of Kuehneromyces mutabilis (Sheathed woodtuft)for comparison.


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I've added a couple more

I've added a couple more pictures to my Kuehneromyces mutabilis, one shows the stem (actually just zooming in on the other photo and turning upside down to look like yours). also a picture of a younger bit of clump showing the stem sheath. Not sure if this helps to distinguish between the two species, would be nice to show pictures side by side, actually this might be possible if you link to one of the images I put on.

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Thanks mike.....

Thanks mike. I've just taken a look at your zoomed in stem of K.mutabilis. The stems of my mushroom do look a lot like yours. But I couldn't see the classic "two-tone" cap colour that K.mutabilis normally has. That's why I assumed it was G.marginata. But I understand that K.mutabilis doesn't always have that bi-coloured cap. This is a tricky one!


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You can see why its called

You can see why its called 'funeral bell' if you start trying to eat things looking like this. They do look very similar. The spores are about 50% bigger in the Galerina although that does not really help with the pictures.