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Unknown Grey Caterpillar

Observed: 26th April 2011 By: Ianwatson01
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Unknown grey caterpillar found on (not eating) a "lilly of the nile" plant. I am interested in getting help identifying it and determining its food plant ASAP

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Lepidoptera or Hymenoptera?

How many prolegs? If more than 5 pairs most probably a sawfly larva.

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Thanks All!

Thanks for the fast response all! This was my first observation on iSpot, but given the prompt response,I bet I'll be making more observations in the future.

Unfortunately, I didn't look close enough to figure out the number of legs. I was going to raise him in my daughter's butterfly habitat, but he got away this morning somehow. I am probably better off as I don't think she would have been too impressed with the adult fly :-)

BTW: The plant that I found it on may have actually been another type of lilly that looked similar to the Agapanthus. It wasn't actually flowering, but they are so common in landscaping around here that I just assumed.

Thanks again!

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Hi Martin, are you sure does SSS occur in California? This one doesn't have the jizz for me, the spots seem slightly larger and the body is more countershaded. May be just the angle of the photo?

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Oh, I never noticed that it was outside the UK! In which case I take back all that I said above, my knowledge doesn't extend overseas I'm afraid.

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Must admit I would like iSpot to more clearly flag up when a record is not from the UK.

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Going global

or bring in experts from outside the UK?