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Convolvulus hawkmoth

Observed: 20th July 2004 By: dshubble
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Wow, that is huge! Are those

Wow, that is huge! Are those adult hands?

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Adult hands and mighty moths

Yes, those are my hands as an adult :) Forewing length is 50-55mm and in Waring et al's Field Guide it is called "an extremely large moth"! It's a migrant species which can't over-winter here, but can turn up anywhere though usually coastal areas in the south and east - as it happens I saw another one in Dorset this year, though didn't have a camera with me so went with this older shot. An impressive beastie...

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Spectacular moth

What a great moth! I've been shown quite a few that other people have caught, but never found one myself - a few years ago my next-door neighbours had two in their conservatory, but they didn't turn up in my garden! Not that I'm jealous or anything ...

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Moths in Dorset

Maybe the Hants/Dorset coast is the place to go - I've seen two, both along there... :)

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Can think of many words not suitable for ispot.

This moth is huge.

My partner would die if one of these moths appeared in the house. He is petrified.

How can I attract one to the house. (sorry)

Sam, Student.