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Iridescent blue-green 'woodlouse'????

Observed: 23rd April 2011 By: fernfire

Woodlouse-sized, startling brilliant blue-green, pulled in tiny rectangular head and thorax when disturbed, domed body contracted - body soft and deeply wrinkled rather than having separate plates. Thin adult-insect-type legs. Seen in daytime on Pembrokeshire National Park Coastal Path creeping across short grass.


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Sounds like an Oil Beetle

Search this site for 'Oil Beetle' and have a look at the pics others have posted. If that's what it is you can revise the ID.
Kind Regards

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or what about the larva of a

or what about the larva of a bloody-nosed beetle? see http://www.arkive.org/bloody-nosed-beetle/timarcha-tenebricosa/image-A72...

Rob Coleman