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Observed: 25th April 2011 By: davidcaron62davidcaron62’s reputation in Invertebratesdavidcaron62’s reputation in Invertebratesdavidcaron62’s reputation in Invertebrates
Lace Wing

light colour with no black spots

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green lacewings

David, I agree that C. carnea is a possible identification, but there are some other species of entirely green lacewing, how are you ruling them out? From the photo alone I don't think I could be sure of it being carnea.

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green lacewings

Hi Martin

I was uisng the absence of black viens and spotting between antennae. The fact that it is probably the most common species (Although I am aware it may be two or even three species)was another reason as was the match with the photo in the Collins guide I use for identification. Also I struggled finding any useful info on the net. Do you know of any good sites?