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Fish eggs. Wrasse?

Observed: 19th April 2011 By: andrewcowley
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1.5-2mm dia. Found in shaded gully with encrusting sponges, bryozoa and ascidians. about 1.5 m above chart datum on a moderately exposed N. Cornish shore.

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Maybe a bit late but...

Could they be Lumpsucker eggs? They usually turn up a bit earlier in the year but they are large eggs in coherent, yellow/orange masses.
On the other hand, we should just about be at the start of the wrasse breeding season and the ballan wrasse lays eggs in a "nest" in the low intertidal and pools.

Mike Kendall

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Maybe a bit late and...

In commercial Lumpfish 'caviar' the eggs are smooth spheres without the surface ornament shown above. Of course, the lumpfish 'caviar' may be from a different species.
These are also much larger than the dyed black commercial stuff.
Whatever laid them where they were was 'off-course' or they can survive periods out of water, as they would be exposed at each tide over several (5-7) days at fortnightly intervals.
They were also not in a place that could have been guarded easily.