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This is a Garden Rowan variety can anyone help with a more precise ID.

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What makes you think... is a garden variety? If it is a named cultivar, it would be very unusual for them to be produced as a multi-stemmed tree as this one is. Most are grafted and trained as single stems. In my experience, most multi-stemmed ones come from self-seeded saplings that have been pruned off at the base then regrown. There are of course many species in the S.aucuparia group that could be grown from seed, so it may also be one of those. What colour are the berries when they appear?
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Sorbus cv.?

I agree with all that Vinny has said, there are at least 16 garden cultivars of S. aucuparia,that vary in habit and in fruit colour, like S. aucuparia 'Xanthocarpa' that has yellow fruits.Most are propagated by grafting or budding, either top worked or in most cases bottom worked.

There are also many Asiatic species with pinnate leaves,such as S pohuashanensis from China.
I would keep an eye on it and see what the fruit colour is like, it looks like a good specimen whatever it turns out to be!

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Dave Trevan

David J Trevan

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Thank you both for your comments

This is in a friends garden I will ask what colour the fruit are. I thought it a garden variety as it was bought from a garden centre and the flower pads seem more compact than I think aucuparia is. As you say David it is a good specimen covered with flowers and putting on a good show that is why I am interested to know more about it.

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The fruit is ...

Bright Red, hope this helps with a closer ID. Will photograph them in due course.

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