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Under view of fungus

Observed: 6th December 2009 By: gwj54
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Network of tiny holes - no gills


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This is a boletus type fungus

This is a boletus type fungus but again you really need to see more features to get to an ID. Try taking several pictures showing the top of the cap, stem as well as the underside of the cap. Actually there are not all that many of these boletes so they can be a good group to start with so long as you have enough features recorded.

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Many thanks

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Under View of fungus

The pine needles and bracken make the habitat probably acidic. The small but variable ochre pores, the stipe being of similar colour to the cap point to Suillus variegatus. It is a pity there is not a picture of the cap which would be covered with fine scales.

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Thanks for this