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Encrusting thing on Dilsea

Observed: 19th April 2011 By: andrewcowley
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Found on a frond of, probably, Dilsea carnosa, Red Rags, in drift seaweeds. Identity of the substrate is not certain but I am fairly sure. Both sides of the frond had these pale patches, but in different patterns. I am assuming that these are not part of the alga. The close up picture shows the 'lichen-like' appearance of the growth. I can't really decide if this is algal or animal, my only thought is that it may be a Lithothamnion relative???


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I think its plant. I don't have a close-up image or species description to check on (although see Bunker et al...Seasearch Guide) but there is a species, Titanoderma pustulatum, that is said to grow in knobbly patches on other algae. I wonder if it could be this.
Whatever it is, it can't be that old.

Mike Kendall