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Observed: 6th December 2009 By: asbostaffasbostaff’s reputation in Birdsasbostaff’s reputation in Birdsasbostaff’s reputation in Birds

Dunnock briefly perched just below bird table on our allotment, before a Robin that had got there first drove it off. The battle for feeding rights went on for about 20 minutes.

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Dunnocks & Robins

Dunnocks and robins are notorious for not being able to stand each other even though they often share the same habitat and scrapping over the tiniest bit of territory and food scraps.

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Dunnock and Robins

I have the most stroppy Robin i have ever seen at my bird table i have seen him chase off a full grown male blackbird. If he spent the energy he expended in bullying other birds on collecting food he would weigh about 3 stone


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If people only knew half the behaviour robins got up to, including fighting each other to the death, I don't think they would be quite the nation's sweetheart!


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The nation's sweetheart

Which reminds me - do Turkeys see Robins as birds of ill omen?

John O'D

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Dunnocks are not the innocent little things they first appear either - look up their breeding behaviour!

Bob Ford

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Breeding behaviour

I know dunnocks usually get singled out for their multiple partner sleeping around, but isn't it true that this pretty much applies to all birds? Even female blue tits who supposedly mate for life (however short that might be) tend to have a few quickies with other birds that might drop in to improve the gene pool... apparently?