iSpot, national recording schemes and the NBN Gateway

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We've always intended that iSpot observations should be made available to those national and local recording schemes that wish to have it, and we are developing a system that will make it easy for this to happen. More on that later in the year, but we are delighted that one recording scheme has taken iSpot data on board already, thanks to the hard work of Tristan Bantock.

Tristan runs the national recording scheme for shieldbugs, as well as being one of the people behind the fantastic British Bugs website. Tristan has extracted the information from all the shieldbugs sightings on iSpot to date, incorporated it into the national recording scheme database, and uploaded it to the National Biodiversity Network Gateway. This makes it possible for the scheme and others to make use of the iSpot observations alongside their other data, in order to monitor change in our fauna and contribute to conservation research.

Tristan comments:
"Although only a small dataset of around 300 records, about half of the species covered by the recording scheme are represented [on iSpot] and there a number of points of interest. These include the first Eurydema ornata record on the Gateway, an intriguing record of the Fire Bug (Pyrrhocoris apterus) in London which requires follow up, and multiple records of the spectacular new arrival Western Conifer Seed Bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis). In addition, the data reflect to some degree the recent northward and inland spread of several species responding to climate change (e.g. Green Shieldbug (Palomena prasina) and Corizus hyoscyami)."

The shieldbug data can be viewed on the NBN Gateway at:

and see also the recent NBN news item: