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Robin v Robin

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These photos are

These photos are brill,
National Geographic standard!

- Jamie

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who won

Amazing I know there not friendly little chaps but these are amazing photographs,so much for the festive Christmas card image.


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Fantastic action pictures!

Fantastic action pictures!

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What great photos!

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Great capture

Howardian Local Nature Reserve

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We know it happens-well caught.

Hazel Trevan

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Agreed with all the above -

Great series of shots.

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I like the Robin on the left and i like the Robin on the but which one's better?

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Great sequence of photographs. Robins in my garden are so aggressive they attack the blackbirds and even chased off the only magpie I've ever seen in my garden.

Graham Banwell

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Robin pecking order

On my feeder they seem to play second fiddle to Blue tits

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seeing red...

wow fantastic photos!Robins are attracted to haemogloblin (red colour pigment)if you put out a piece of red cloth they apparently attack it.