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Blue Tit

Observed: 3rd March 2011 By: mr6633
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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At 2nd floor window feeder facing street

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Blue tit

Very nice photograph.

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Not quite one year old!

If you look closely at the edge of the wing, by the yellow breast, you can see that some of the covert feathers are dark grey, rather than bright blue. These are juvenile feathers, retained after its post-juvenile moult, last summer. He will be celebrating his first birthday within a few weeks!

Can't actually be sure that he is a 'he', but the blue is quite intense...typical of a male.


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Lovely photo and interesting comments


(Am I the only person who sees the 'bird' logo as a whale?!)

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Super shot & I agree with Chalkie

also have problems with other logos tho I like the idea.

Hazel Trevan