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Wild Strawberry

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Wild vs Barren

I debated with myself as to which version of strawberry this was as all my books show gaps between the petals and decided on Wild Strawberry as the petals are pointed rather than notched, and the sepals are shorter than the petals. I guess I'm going to have to go back later in the season to see if there are any strawberries!

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I think it's worth going back for strawberries!

Although there are slight gaps between the petals, the petal shape looks like Fragaria vesca (not notched like the Tudor rose petals), the petals are longer than the sepals and the leaves look too shiny for Potentilla sterilis. The point on the end of the middle leaflet looks longer than those on either side (leaves on rh side of photo) too. Also, maybe those stick-like arches are remains of 'long arching runners' rather than 'short runners' - but that's not entirely clear!