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Veronica hederifolia?

Observed: 1st April 2011 By: AmySeabrook

small young leaves amongst the moss

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Missing the point

I think people are missing the point, Amy!

The leaves certainly do look about right for Veronica hederifolia, but I think I would like to se them when they are a little bigger, to be certain.


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thank you!! it is quite confusing with the small leaves among many others :)

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And just to complicate matters further ..

Yes, Tim is right, I am sure, about the small leaves being Veronica hederifolia.

However, the ivy is most likely Hedera hibernica, on the basis of:
i) leaf shape
ii) geography (H. hibernica substantially replaces H. helix in Cornwall, though not as entirely as has been claimed).

Examination of hairs on the back of the leaf is necessary for greater certainty.

The two species were regarded as subspecies until recently, but latest 'Stace' treats them as separate species. Biologically this is correct - they have different chromosome numbers and do not (ever?) interbreed.