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Nettle rust

Observed: 15th April 2011 By: Paula Lightfoot
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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nettle rust lower surface
nettle rust lower surface 1

Yellow growth just under 1cm x 0.5cm seen on the underside of a stinging nettle leaf.


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Very nice example and good photo,rather attractive for rust


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Nettle Rust

This doesn't look at all like the other pix, but there seems no way to "disagree" on this site.
(just my newbie's comments, having spotted some Rust on my nettles this morning)

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Welcome to iSpot, Tim, If you

Welcome to iSpot, Tim,

If you disagree, you can say why in comments and offer an alternative name. Merely saying 'I disagree' is not very helpful, which is why we don't have a button for that.

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