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10. Periwinkle

Observed: 15th April 2011 By: lr5245
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Green heart-shaped leaves with a smooth, shiny surface.
Thanks Chalkie!

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Maybe periwinkle? Where was

Maybe periwinkle? Where was it? How big were the leaves?

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RE: Maybe periwinkle? Where was

It was fairly close to a river from what I remember, about 10-12cm in length.

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Same again

Put it on

Hazel Trevan

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Each leaf 10-12cm?

Not sure periwinkle leaves are that big? I also thought lilac from the leaf shape - which is totally different and makes me wonder whether I've got any idea what I'm talking about at all! (Getting Hebe and Hypericum mixed up has wobbled my confidence rather, but photos just aren't the same as live plants.)

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RE: Each leaf 10-12cm?

They're really not, I googled pictures of periwinkle and they looked pretty similar though.