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Possible Bird ? Osprey ?

Observed: 24th April 2011 By: PhotographyGalPhotographyGal’s reputation in BirdsPhotographyGal’s reputation in BirdsPhotographyGal’s reputation in Birds

Spotted On The Side Of A Lake
Didn't See What It Is, Maybe Just A Tree, But Looks Bird Shape.

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Do you know of any...

...Red Kites in the area? I've seen them in Savernake forest which isn't a million miles away.

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Sorry, but I cannot see anything in this picture which reminds me of a bird of prey or anything else!

I cannot see how Red Kite or Osprey comes into the picture at I missing something?


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It does look like...

...a Red Kite is perched on the dead log, with it's back towards camera and head looking left. I agree it's very hard to say it's not just coincidence that it's all part of the stump, but some of the dark shading on the redder areas match exactly those of the Red Kite (i.e where the wing tips end with the redder tail below).

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i think that is a red kite

i think that is a red kite


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If this were a raptor it

If this were a raptor it would have to be something like a fish eagle, haven’t seen many of those around for a while.


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It is possible to make out

It is possible to make out the vague shape of a bird, but like faces on Mars and the Mona Lisa in tealeaves, we are very good at making patterns out of randomness. If you look closely at the end of the 'tail' you will see a 'face' which is clearly Bosman's Potto. At this point I feel I am straying into the bizarre ...

To Ophrys - errare humanum est, especially when one is too lazy to look up the reference books!



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errare humanum est shown by the fact that I teach the subject and still got it wrong!!

'arbor' is a feminine noun, and so the agreement should be as follows...

arbor mortua

eheu...don't tell my students!!!



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Why not go back and see if it is still there?