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Cladonia lichen

Observed: 5th December 2009 By: nch86nch86’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensnch86’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
DSCF5692 - Cladonia lichen
DSCF5692 - Cladonia lichen 1
DSCF5692 - Cladonia lichen 1 2

Lichen with golf tee fruiting bodies


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I didn't think C. macilenta had the 'golf tee' structures - could it be one of those such as coccifera or pleurota? There's also a problem with the map as the location appears to be in the sea between E.Anglia and Holland.

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Cladonia lichen

Thanks for that - having looked at the British Lichen site and a few more of my photos of the same thing I now think its Cladonia coccifera.

Bit of a mess up on the conversion front from OS grid to Latitude and Longitude - I missed the "-" sign ! Hope it's now back on dry land. I'll have to correct a few others where I did the same thing.