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Melanic Hieroglyphic ladybird

Observed: 6th September 2005 By: rimo
Bumblebee Conservation TrustUK Ladybird Survey
Invertebrates expert
1c_Coccinella hieroglyphica adult_f. areata_MM

A melanic form of the very variable Hieroglyphic ladybird (form areata)

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Lovely little beast -

doesn't look like the stock images, but I don't doubt your identification. I'd never have worked it out, but I suppose the heather is a clue.

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That's the main reason I put

That's the main reason I put it on - it's a really variable little species that the books usually don't really do justice to. The triangular white front corners to the pronotum are pretty distinctive - most other species have a white border all along the side of the pronotum

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