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Observed: 23rd April 2011 By: AlBirks
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Caterpillar fell on to my hat when walking under an Ash tree. Was very fast moving.

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Species with which Svensson's Copper Underwing (Amphipyra berbera) interacts


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It looks like one of -

the hawk moths, but not sure which. None are said to feed on ash as far as I know. Were there polars about?

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'Were there polars about?'

Global warming again. The ice caps are melting and the bears are already as far south as Manchester...


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I meant "poplars", of course...

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I think I agree with the

I think I agree with the Svensson's Copper Underwing; looking closely at my pictures, there is a reddish brown tip on the tail and also the spots on the stripe down the side. There are other trees and shrubs around the allotment, including willow and oak which are recorded food plants for these. Thanks

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Seems to make sense, I think

Seems to make sense, I think it was hopeful thinking that it was a hummingbird Hm, they are quite amazing! Cheers